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Right now, there are people in a wide range of industries who are using our cloud software to activate their WHS compliance obligations and they are excited.

You will be amazed when you see what can be achieved

MYSKILLSmanager is transforming WHS

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Why; Everything we do is founded on challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe that the new Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) expectations will not be achieved without managers and worker’s having the systems and tools to help move to a position of understanding and WHS compliance.

How: The way we challenge status quo is to build systems and tools for employees to manage and comply with their WHS obligations in their workplace.

What: Three new revolutionary products.

Integrated Learning Management System
  • with the focus on connecting employees and the business through transparent workplace learning and skills recognition.
Digital Skills Passport
  • that links a worker’s life long learning experiences with company performance and compliance requirements.
Project Communication System
  • that transforms how people, share information and converse within their own and other work teams.

Combined, these three products form the


Integrated WHS Management Platform

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone anywhere to activate WHS induction, toolbox meetings and risk assessment and view all business WHS records

FEATURES that will save time and improve your WHS business compliance

  Integrated tools and mobile devices simplify WHS implementation Combination of WHS management and workplace training systems for increased performance 
Make it easy for managers to create and share WHS information Workplace Instruction and training aligned to competency outcomes
Easy consultation with other PCBU’s Online tool box meeting and easy five risk assessment tools for all
One Click to get advanced WHS reporting WHS management monitored in real time
You will appreciate a paperless environment Easy recognition of workers skills and any skill development needs

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What our customers say.

Neil, Farmer:

I cannot believe how far we have come since we converted to MYSKILLSmanager and developed our WHS system to be fully functional through mobile phones and ipads. For years we found it difficult to efficiently implement our old OHS system because of the distance and scale of our “temporary” worksites. We now have a system and tools that enable us to easily build a learning and performance culture by better managing training, instruction and communicaton. At the same time simplify how we meet our new WHS responsibilities.

Steve,  Retailer:

I appreciate understanding the requirements of the WHS Act, knowing how to be compliant and the need to fulfill the spirit of the Act which is safety.  This is what MYSKILLSmanager has done for me

Peter, self employed plumber:

I was recently informed by one of my larger clients that I had to submit a SWMS/JSA for my jobs otherwise I could not continue working for their company.  

I started to develop my documentation and got totally confused and worried until I was introduced to MYSKILLSmanager’s online industry startup packages.  

I now have a complete understanding of my responsibilities making it easy to communicate and activate my WHS system with clients and keep valuable records.

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Accredited Partners:

MYSKILLSmanager is creating a network of accredited WHS partners to assist self employed people and businesses to engage and implement their online WHS management system.

We recognise that effectively implementing a paper based WHS management system has been problematic and that very few people have expertise in using software to deliver their business WHS requirements. Although our software is easy to use, our specialist advisors will initially focus on the understanding of the legislative requirements and how our software simplifies WHS compliance. Once people are informed about their WHS duties our partners provide specialist support in particular using the software.

Please contact for more information or access to a specialist advisor to assist you with maximising the benefits from your online WHS Management System.

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