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Activity logsActivity logs   unknown
AllAll   unknown
CareCare   unknown
ClassesClasses   unknown
CommunityCommunity   unknown
Community VisionCommunity Vision   unknown
ContactContact   unknown

Register Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans and progress.

CPD/Skills RecognitionCPD/Skills Recognition   

Register of personal employment records, job roles, tickets and licences, training course and qualification records, CPD records and workplace learnng.

Create a ProfileCreate a Profile   

Skills profiles enable individuals to value and communicate their skills and abilities.

Create an Experience ProfileCreate an Experience Profile   

Learning experience registered (identified) and then valued. 

CurrentCurrent   unknown
DashboardDashboard   unknown
DashboardDashboard   unknown
DashboardDashboard   unknown
DeliveryDelivery   unknown
Development ManagerDevelopment Manager   

Edit Training profiles and select reports.

DM DashboardDM Dashboard   unknown
Employee ManagementEmployee Management   

Better manage your workforce.

EvidenceEvidence   unknown
FeaturesFeatures   unknown
Getting StartedGetting Started   unknown
Invention managerInvention manager   unknown
Knowledge managementKnowledge management   unknown

Shows personal workplace induction, safety instruction and worksite training documents 

Learn (manager)Learn (manager)   unknown
MY SchoolMY School   unknown
MYTeamPlanMYTeamPlan   unknown
Our TimesheetsOur Timesheets   unknown
OutletbuilderOutletbuilder   unknown
OverviewOverview   unknown
PathwaysPathways   unknown
PerformPerform   unknown
Performance ManagerPerformance Manager   

This application provides a business with the capbility to measure the ongoing performance of individuals in their workforce against the employment skill levels established for each job in their organisation.  Using this methodolgy provides the opportunity to engage in performance review based on clearly articulated benchmarks prompting more effective results from a performance review program.

PlanningPlanning   unknown

Register of personal employment records, job roles, tickets and licences, training course and qualification records, CPD records and workplace learnng.

Profit GeneratorProfit Generator   unknown
ProgramsPrograms   unknown
ProjectsProjects   unknown
ProjectsProjects   unknown
QualityQuality   unknown
ResultsResults   unknown
SettingsSettings   unknown
SettingsSettings   unknown
SettingsSettings   unknown
SKILLMatrixmanagerSKILLMatrixmanager    This page has be set up so that the skills can be edited
SKILLS auditSKILLS audit   unknown
Skills rating matchesSkills rating matches   Comparing skills profiles helps career planning.
ToolsTools   unknown
Tools & SupportTools & Support   unknown
Training Needs AnalysisTraining Needs Analysis   This tools shows the WORKsafe event that you are register as being involved with.
Training ratingsTraining ratings   

Edit Training profiles and select reports.

Training TrackerTraining Tracker   unknown
User managerUser manager   unknown
WHSWHS   unknown
WHS (manager)WHS (manager)   unknown
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