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We Help Business Owners Develop and Care for their People

The world of work has changed and now more than ever requires workplace leadership that puts workers upfront and centre. 

Fully Integrated Suite of Workforce Empowerment Programs Customised for Self Employed People or Larger Organisations

Our High Performance Workforce Specialists will support your people and your business through every step of the way. 

Choose the programs that best meets your current needs

Performance based recruitment more

Explain job expectations

Emotional free performance reviews more

Self managed performance

WHS compliance

Take control
Show confidence

Integrated quality management more

Show how you deliver 

WInnng contracts (quality systems)

Be the talk of the town

Project communication

Share information

Student and Apprentices

Learn how to work

Workplace learning and development more

No tests or assessments, just conversations

We believe that people need to be recognised for  performing their job role to expectations. The way we do this is to create the environment for people to be engaged and empowered. We believe in challenging status quo.

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We just happen to have:


A network of High Performance Workforce Specialists

Our skilled specialists connect each individual worker to our innovative framework of customised profiles, resources and company registers. When completed the consultants conduct mentoring and coaching sessions and provide ongoing support to ensure the company maximises benefits from having access to the performance skills framework, systems and tools. 


A cloud workforce skills, competency and job performance framework with integrated systems and tools

We have developed a totally new system that enables any business to transform from one of uncertainty and dependency on others. The framework enables businesses to be in control of how they develop, manage and profit from improved workforce performance, compliance and reduced company risk including concerns relating to unfair dismissal. People have been posting information about the need for HR to be more aligned to Business operations, MYSKILLSmanager is now disrupting HR.


A suite of Workforce engagement and empowerment programs

Cloud technology and innovative systems and tools make it possible to engage and empower workers. Our programs target specific workforce performance activities including; performance based recruitment, emotional free performance reviews, integrated WHS and quality management, workforce development, project communication and advanced record keeping in any size company. 


Co-Founders David Greentree and Ian Cox developed MYSKILLSmanager based on career learning experiences covering more that forty years. It involved working constantly to empower workers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to do quality work. These efforts have culminated in the MYSKILLSmanager "HR Peformance Framework".

David Greentree went to work to "learn" throughout his career. A principle he pursues with a passion. For many years he was considered  a "maverick" developing systems and tools to help workers be happy in their job role. And importantly providing a way to recognise and value skills and performance developed in the workplace. Valuable lesson have been learnt along the way.

In simple terms performance skills utilisation provides the vital link between skills aquisition and productivity. Governments and business are starting to understand that workers and their skills hold the key to achieving business success. The problem is they do so without realising that they cannot continue doing the same things and expect a different result. 

​In response MYSKILLSmanager is a totally new "system design" that enables people to make evidence based business decisions. In doing so transform from one of dependency on other people's ideas to be in a position of understanding and controlling how they develop, manage and profit from improved workforce performance including WHS compliance, managing quality processes and company risk.

​During our system development we have had people say we are only a small business therefore we do not need a big business system. Our framework tracks, values and communicates the performance skills of every person regardless of company size. It is designed for any size business.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein


Build a safe & competitive workforce by knowing the performance Skills DNA of every worker

Put your people upfront and centre. They are your most valuable resource. Just like any other resource, the possession of skills does not provide any benefits until put to use. It is the ways in which firms use skills that makes them competitive, rather than the skills that they have available. Your customers will want to know all about how you go about achieving safe and high performing workers. The answer is simple: give people the skills, confidence and freedom and they will do quaility work.

People compete - Businesses don't

Fast track employee skills development and job performance

Indivdual's need to learn how to work in the context of performing their job role and it can only take place in the workplace. Education and training systems are disconnected from the workplace making it impossible to produce work ready people. Our critical thinking and experiences has enabled the development of an evidence based workplace performance skills framework that recognises and values:

Any learning outcome, achieved at any time, in any context or location

Activate your digital workforce learning and performance framework

We have have designed a framework that guides employees and companies along the journey to achieve business success. Our approach is new and innovative and can be best compared to the human skeleton (structural framework) of which provides the ability for people to move, grow and perform. In much the same way our integrated framework delivers that capability to all employees and the business to:

Move, Grow and Perform

Collect, manage and share evidence of work learning and job performance

Like most aspects of modern business integrated management systems should be evolving to be more relevant to service based businesses. The challenge is to support  people to consistently deliver and improve the processes associated with producing quality products and services. Our integrated quality framework enables companies to focus on the evidence generated by people who deliver the quality products and services to customers.

Self managed quality products and service

All our engagement and empowerment programs are made possible by using the "MYSKILLSmanager
"Integrated High  Performance Workforce Management Framework"

All programs are supported by our network of accredited consultants who will step you through the processes to indentify the program that best meets your immediate needs.

Our consultants will complete all implementation work (80%) for you. The remaining 20% of the work is activated by your employees (after training) as part of performing their job role.

All training and ongoing support will be delivered by our consultant to ensure a smooth implementation of your nominated program.

We have adopted this implementation approach as a result of feedback from customers requesting a “do for us” service. This approach provides a smooth transition from past practice to a new systemised framework of working, developing your company’s unique "Performance Skills Framework".

If your Company or Organisations is ready to adopt a systemised way of working that engages and empowers employees and fosters a learning and performance culture then you need to contact us.

Our philosophy: If you give people the Skills, Confidence and Freedom they will do quality work.

Why Change

In HR, as in many organisations, we have done things the same way for years without really understanding either ‘if’ or ‘why’ they work  ( Jon Wiliams PwC).

Now more than ever, HR professionals have their hands on the sink-or-swim button ( Jacqui Curtis, Deputy Commissioner, Australian Tax Office)

Talent (people) is the ultimate competitive advantage. Everything else is subordinate to it. People compete, businesses don’t ( Ram Charan, Global Advisor).

Getting the best from your people at every level is the key to maximising profits from the day-to-day operations of your business. Efficient operations help companies reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and keep expenses down. (Seth Kahan, Leadership and Performance Specialist).

Efficient operations is important for large and small businesses. (Seth Kahan).

In a perfect world, a company’s day-to-day operations are managed for peak performance, so that it maximises its profits while minimising its risks, costs and losses. But in the real world management and workers may be aware of operational problems without being able to define them. (Seth Kahan).

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