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We help any size business maximise benefits from workplace learning directed at improving job performance. Our approach has been applied and improved over more than forty years

Know the problem

For many years there has been much discussion around making a difference in the area of improving workplace performance and productivity. The issues are global and have been reported in many research papers from around the world.

Managing Workplace Learning Requires Committment


Taking control of your skill development and career planning can be daunting for most individuals entering or already in the workforce. Another aspect is the difficulty, when in a job role, to know if you are meeting workplace expectations and where opportunities may be for future career development given your current skills and understanding.


¬†The workplace needs to become more innovative and embrace employee engagement strategies that meet the goals and aspirations of both the organisation and employees to be able to sustain improved workplace performance and productivity. Issues such as poor job satisfaction, and the lack of opportunity to do meaningful work are among the many factors why a large number of people are looking for “another job”. ¬†


We have developed our innovative approach to workplace learing and skills development around the knowledge that 80% of learning takes place in the workplace. The issue of having no methodology to recognise and value workplace learning and performance restricts the opportunity for business to effectively engage with employees to appropriately develop and deploy people and their skills. It is equally important to individuals as to the organisations.

A Framework for Workplace Learning & Skills Development

For centuries before the rise of educational institutions, everyone learned on the job. An aspiring blacksmith learned his trade by working alongside a master craftsman as people did in other industries and jobs. On-the-job learning is still happening today however through a combination of factors it has been swept aside and discounted as a valid process and consequently devalued. The workplace provides the environment for people to make mistakes and to correct them.

It is this process that is fundamental to effective learning and vitally important in developing competence to perform tasks in a specific job role.
The modern approach has been to leave the workplace and attend training.

We developed our cloud HR performance framework designed to be a bottom up solution starting with the workers and the workplace.  In our framework  we have a range of products and resources including:
– Skills passports and profiles
– Learning experience blogs
РJob profiles 
– Training Profiles
– Policies and procedures
– Basic safety instruction receipts
– Task instruction guides
– Competency or work standards
– Customised learning packages for sharing
– Conversations associated with performance

Our system is founded on:
– RPL principles
– Skills recognition
– Mentoring and
РSelf managed learning and skill development and job      performance
– Communities of practice

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