Performance Based Recruitment

How often have you known or heard of people who have been selected based on their qualifications and interview performance and then disappoint with their actual job performances.

The Pain of Interviewing and
Selecting a New Employee

Most people find interviewing candidates for a job role difficult in particular making the “selection” for a person to fill the position. On the other hand candidates have no clear idea of job expectations if selected. The standard practice after basic inductions (maybe) is to be thrown into the deep end to see if they sink or swim.

Recruit for performance

There is a huge cost to your business when you have to invest time and resources into repeating the recruitment process. Don’t fear most businesses large and small are struggling with this enormous issue.

Would you like to make the interview and candidate selection process a positive experience for all people involved.

To help people better manage your interview, selection and on-boarding processes we have developed some simple tools. They are designed to direct the interview conversations around 14 performance skills.

We can help.
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