Emotional Free Performance Reviews

We help any size business adopt a simple and effective method to generate conversations and provide positive feedback to individual workers. Our approach creates a “win win” for both parties. 

The Pain of Reviewing

Employee Performance

Standard practice in many companies is to review the performance of their employees, annually. It is deemed to be a vital process for a progressive businesses to undertake. Or is it?


The issue is that both parties dislike the practice with a passion and dread the thought of any pending performance review and importantly they do not achieve anything of value except “tick the performance review box”. 


The reason being (apart from the anxiety it creates) is there are no tangible methods for measuring job performance. Without a measure any discussion cannot engage either party in a meaningful way. The principle of any perfomance review activity is to confirm that the employee is performing their job role to expectations.

Mutually beneficial

Fundamentally, there needs to be agreement on strategies that are mutually beneficial to the employee and the company if any value is produced. Transparency is the key to why our approach takes away the emotion normally generated from traditional top down methods.

Self Managed Performance

We can help.
There are significant company and employee benefits that can result from performance based conversations. They need to be planned and implemented in a manner that is designed to build the workforce capability and definitely not viewed as an opportunity to express control.

To help companies better manage this complex activity we have developed a simple  employee performance empowerment program. Once the initial process has been implemented workers can self manage the collection of evidence that supports their job performance or learning experiences.

We can help.
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