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The Great Leap Forward

We help businesses BUILD OR CONVERT their integrated management system to a digital framework simplifying implementation saving time, money and stress by using mobile devices.

The Pain Associated With Activating An Effective Integrated Management System

Management systems based on templates and forms are fast loosing pace with contemporay approaches and expectations. Just having a management system is meaningless unless it can be implemented and improved.

Perceptions are reality

We have found that there are many perceptions about what is the purpose of management systems.  
In the context of quality and WHS perceptions are dangerous and counter productive. We know all perceptions have leaders who promote their views and followers who believe what they have heard or experienced to be “how it is”. How often have you heard “geez mate it is all too confusing for me”. Perspectives are difficult to interpret.


The issue facing our Nation and businesses is that most people don’t know they are contributing to a problem. By not having the information needed to help develop their understanding to support sensible and achievable process improvement is sustaining status quo. Managing risk, all risks in a business is about having the people capability to make “evidence based business decisions”. People compete – businesses don’t 

Industry standards versus designed framework

In the current environment talking about management system compliance against standards e.g. ISO limits how a company can develop performance expectations and subsequently benefit from engaged and empowered workers. When we only talk about compliance it is sending the wrong message. Directing people to be compliant is not how a manager engages and empowers workers. Providing a management system framework does.

Self Managed Systems

Telling pople what to do is clearly how workers have become disconnected. “Gallop” Research reports up to 80% of the workers are currently classified as disconnected workers and it is costing Australian Businesses 35 – 45 Billion dollars in lost productivity. In the USA disconnected workers is costing 350 – 450 billion dollars. Recently Gallop completed another report (ten years later) on disconnected workers and to their surprise the numbers have not changed. Directing people does not work.

Companies have been preparing for re certification of ISO 9001 standard. The changes to ISO 9001:2015 from ISO 9001:2008 incorporate input from manufacturers and service providers, change the focus to customers, and help organisations to use the process approach to achieve outcomes. 

Just as the ISO 9001 2015 standard has been revised to better focus on the customer MYSKILLSmanager has responded with a digital system that meets the needs of the business to be able to better understand and manage their company quality processes.

This increased focus on the customer requires new approaches to workforce development. One of the important conceptual leaps involved in a workforce development approach is the shift to ‘systems thinking’. This is fundamental to grasping what workforce development is about.

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