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We help any size business win contracts by creating confidence as a result of providing exceptional evidence through the tender process of your workforce capability to produce quality products and services.

Know the problem

Tendering for work can be a lottery when there is no point of difference between your evidence and that of your competitors. Just meeting minimum requirements is a risk you cannot afford to take.

Creating The "WoW Factor"
With Your Tender - The New Game In Town

Measuring performance skills levels "trumps" training courses

Attending training  courses does not work if there is no systems that plug into job performance. Courses are generic and not linked to an individuals personal performance skills needs. Usually people are told they need to go “on a course” by their manager. When they return to the workplace nothing is said and nothing changes. Indivdual’s need to learn how to work in the context of performing their job role and it can only take place in the workplace.

People compete-businesses don't.

Showcasing your company’s workforce performance skills DNA in any tender application introduces a new standard when preparing and comparing tender applications. Our “Worker Performance Framework” tools enables any company to produce a numerical skills perofrmance rating for every worker. In simple terms we measure the perfomance skill levels i.e. what people can do as opposed to what they know. 

Lifting the bar

Providing evidence of measured performance skills levels builds confidence of a workforce capability to produce quality products and services. When performance level data is coupled with the knowledge that the workforce is support by a comprehensive integrated framework it becomes clear how a company can sustain claims to be a company of choice. Our integrated quality framework enables companies to focus on generating quality evidence. 

Aim For Excellence & Reap Rewards

In many cases people just give up and “cannot be bothered” about tendering for work resulting in losing the ability to consolidate ongoing new work and company profits. A common pre-tender requirements is for companies submitting tenders to be third party certified. The processes involved to gain certification are changing.  Previously, companies have been audited on their ability to present a paper trail rather than profile the strengths of the workforce to deliver quality products and services.  Just focussing on developing a quality systems to pass an audit is the quickest way to to loose touch with progressive business systems and associated critical thinking.  

Companies now have the opportunity to be a preferred contractor by having on hand quality evidence for tenders that is simple and easy to present relating to how they deliver quality products and services including WHS compliance.

Would you like to take away this uncertainty by knowing your company or contractors have the systems in place to deliver quality products and service’s.

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