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The Way Forward

Our company is offering our services to support Australian workers prepare to re-enter the workforce after being stood down as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are also offer company’s the opportunity to track, value and share every workers skills and capabilities acquired and recognised as a result of performing their job role in your company.

The current upheaval is devasting companies and workers and will extend far beyond the lifting of Government lockdowns because of the volume of people who will be looking for employment in companies that have been severely impacted, emotionally and financially.

The fact is that every company’s ability to effectively engage people seeking work will be based on their confidence to fast track the recovery. Repeating pre Covid-19 business practices will only lead to a “blame game”.

Workers will also need to have the confidence that they can promote and deliver their skills and capabilities to support employers to “get back on their feet”.

Problems restricting the speed of recovery: The issues of having no confidence as a direct result of no systemised methodologies to recognise and value and share workplace learning and job performance will be the challenge. The consequences are equally detrimental to individuals as it is to the organisations and to Governments.

Businesses will need to effectively engage with employees to appropriately develop and deploy people and their skills otherwise unrealistic demands will impact confidence.

An orderly recovery that continually builds confidence is required.

The ability to hit the ground running with strategies, systems and tools that support businesses and workers at the earliest possible stage of recovery is fundamental to developing confidence to get businesses back on track to grow and sustain workforces.

The second phase will require companies and workers to be more productive than what they were prior to the pandemic. Productivity is now a reality.

The challenge will be for workplaces to become more innovative and embrace employee engagement strategies that meet the goals and aspirations of both the organisation and employees to be able to embrace and sustain improved workplace practices associated job performances.

We have the systems and tools to fast track people into jobs and to sustain their employment.

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