Delivering expectations using Cloud Technology, innovative systems design and specialist skills management coaching is how we enable the achievement of engaged and empowered Workforces. It is simple, without engaged and empowered workers the “Future of Work” will remain locked in status quo regardless of the size of the organisation.

How it works

A key feature of our innovation is the functionality that enables any size business or organisation to establish Work Level Standards (WLS) for every job role. WLS consists of:

  • Our patented 14 performance skills and the option to select levels within each skill that is required for the performance of a specific job.
  • Skill levels, 0 – 5, are selected to determine job requirements.
  • The system calculates the value (rating number) for the job.
  • Appropriate “Benchmark Work Standards” (competency standards) are incorporated with the performance skills to provide an industry context for the performance skills rating.

MYSKILLS Work Level Standards consist of “work standard benchmarks” and MYSKILLS performance skills.

  • Work Level Standard (WLS) are designed to define job expectations. A company can communicate work expectations at recruitment and demonstrate how an individual can be supported by the company to develop their capability to meet expectations.

The WLS can be customised for any business model and workforce configuration. A key feature of the framework is the adoption of MYSKILLSmanager Work Levels.

  • The work levels are aligned to a job through the skill rating processes.
  • Disclosure of the work levels and rating outcomes provide the basis for transparent measurable skills growth and job performance across the workforce.
  • The work levels and performance skills provide a framework for succession planning.
  • Knowledge of the framework Work Levels provides all workers with a clear understanding of current job expectations and how to develop higher level skills ratings for future progression within their workforce.
  • Management and workers can have emotional free conversations about workplace performance.
  • Achieving expectations is not time based. Employees can progress at a pace that is aligned to the individual’s learning style and learning opportunities provided by the workplace.

Work Level Standards Provide Transparency and Clarity about Job Expectations.

All Conversations Relating to Job Performance Start at Recruitment. 

Job Performance Measurement Tools Create a Win Win For business and Employees

We make it easy with our implementation “Algorithm” rules.

There now is an alternative, tried and tested model to address the skills shortages and hugely problematic education and training systems. Our model is designed for the workplace. Just like any other resource the possession of skills does not provide any benefits until put to use. Skills utilization must be managed. We know this based on 45 years of developing and implementing quality and performance management business systems designed for the workplace. The latest technology enables good design. Technology and quality design makes it easy to get result. People should not be protecting “Status Quo” rather the time is right to say how can I be part of THE TRANSFORMATION.

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